Welcome Friend!

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We are so happy you are here! 

After a wonderful 2.5 years on Etsy and over 550 sales later, we decided to flex our wings and launch our own site (again). When we first began this crazy adventure back in 2015, we actually started on Shopify, but with such a small inventory and no SEO experience, the Etsy platform was critical for us as an ultra small business. Thank you Etsy!!! Our Etsy shop will still be grooving along, as we figure out Shopify (again). 

But with the launch of EIGHT new pieces along with our existing eleven items, we have now reached that auspicious Baha’i number of 19, which is why we are here today with our own fancy schmancy URL narijewelry.com. Hip Hip!

Even more exciting, we partnered with Bay Area brand photographer Emily Kim for some official photos since our selfies and DIY shots just weren't cutting it anymore.

We are so looking forward to walking with you on this journey and sharing our inspiration and learnings behind our classic bestsellers, as well as our new Baha’i inspired bling!